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2014 Holiday season in USA and Canada

June 2014: The School is over


As soon as school is over we are at our Ayvalık home, looking after the maintenance issues of our Snow White. She was hauled out and we contracted a local dealer to do all necessary maintenance and painting. Before we had a sailing opportunity, it was time for us to visit North America..


Our first holiday location in 2014 was Bozburun during February semester break at the southwest corner of Turkey. It was like a dream, so nice and quiet but makes you feel living.


July 2014: Visit to Chicago





The Chicago visit ended up in good weather on the last day which was otherwise foggy, humid and extremely warm. We managed to pay a visit downtown otherwise ended up in shopping malls.



July 2014: Visit to Niagara Falls


 Our vacation in Canada started with a visit to Niagara Falls. We spent nearly a week to enjoy all surrounding areas and activities such as winery tours, Marineland, night shows.



July 2014: Visit to Toronto

National Yacht Club

August 2014: Back to Ayvalık


Back to Ayvalık and enjoying the summer still.





We bought this historic house in Ayvalık. The one in the middle (taller) but still awaiting the owner to move out.


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