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Sailing in the Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Sea coastal waters of Turkey
"Snow White" is also the nickname of our daughter.

Then we have the dwarfs: Doc & Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey, Bashful & Daisy

 Past Logs - 2016 and earlier -

Sailing in Turkey

















In this section, we share our experience on why we bought a sail boat, how we bought it, the process of buying a boat, registering a boat in Canada, etc. including our past logs.

Family Log 2016-1

Family Log 2014-1

Cruising North Agean Sea 2013-1

Cruising North Agean Sea 2012-2

Back at sea 2012-1

Voyage of the year 2009-3

Dealing with children and dog on a sailboat: 2009-2

Back on Waters: 2009-1

Sailing Turkey: 2007-4

Sailing Greece: 2007-3

Sailing Croatia, Serbia & Montenegro: 2007-2

Purchasing Snow White: 2007-1

Deciding on a Sail Boat: 2006




 Cruising Ayvalık

 written by Doc


Current as of January 2018

Click here to follow us where we are currently sailing, our plans, location and guest situation. We will write our experiences of sailing with children



  Future Voyages  


Snow White in Ayvalik Turkey

This area indicates our plans and schedules. We plan to sail yearly from early June through the end of September.


We are planning to explore the Black Sea coast. Please click here to see the details.
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Here are some friends we met along the way: 



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